Dr. Zhou Jun: Let Chinese Culture Spread in Detail

On March 31, 2018, Dr. Zhou Jun, a graduate of 1995 majoring in tourism of Hubei University and the author of "Yellow Crane Tower Fairy Tales" in German, gave a speech entitled "how Wuhan can tell Chinese stories to the World" for teachers and students.

Adaptation of Fairy Tales to familiarize Germans with Yellow Crane Tower

The German version of the Yellow Crane Tower Fairy Tales created by Dr. Zhou Jun and her team aroused warm responses from in Germany at the end of last year. This fairy tale also helps foreigners understand China better and promotes cooperation in international exchange programs.

Close to the audience to make Chinese Culture spread in detail

Dr. Zhou Jun believes that the reason for the popularity of "Yellow Crane Tower Fairy Tales" is the change in the concept of promoting communication. She found that only by adding interesting elements, straightening out the plot, changing narrative methods and designing multi-cartoon images can her story be more acceptable to the Germans.

Endow the soul with Wuhan elements

Dr. Zhou Jun made Wuhan as an important part of her fairy tale and implanted a lot of Wuhan elements such as hot dry noodles, vegetable lotus root chops soup, yellow crane shape of wine glasses and so on to make the whole story dynamic and full of soul.

Dr. Zhou Jun said that in the future she will continue to explore and make progress. And Hubei University has always been the driving force for her progress.

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