Academic Lecture by Professor Sarah Jeans

Academic lecture by Professor Sarah Jeans

Professor Sarah Jeans, the Dean of Academy of Motion Picture Media and Performing Arts of University of Creative Art (UCA) came to visit our school and have made an academic lecture to introduce Britain media industry and the current situation of the education of journalism and communication. Professor Liao Shengwu, Dean of our school and Professor Li Xiangkun, Dean of International Education College attended the lecture.


Firstly, professor Jeans introduced the rapid development of media. Then, she briefly introduced the general situation of Britain journalism and communication education. She encouraged our students to keep the consciousness of innovation and make contributions to the international communication between China and the world.  


At the end of the lecture, professor Jeans introduced the application of AI in the media industry, the developing trend of short video and the influence of mobile phone in social activity.

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