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School of Journalism and Communication, Hubei University

School of Journalism and Communication, Hubei University offers five undergraduate programmes, including journalism, advertising, radio and TV directing,broadcasting and hosting arts, and communication to more than 1000 undergraduate students. Two Masters programmes in journalism and communication are offered to 100 postgraduate students. Journalism and communication is a provincial key discipline.


Our school has a reasonable structure of teaching and research team. A team of 22 professors, 1 doctoral supervisor, more than half of  teachers have doctoral degree, as well as a high ratio of excellent teaching fellows to undergraduates makes every effort to support students in their academic work, and their experience of living and enjoying themselves at university. Laboratories are well equipped with high standard facilities. Hubei provincial experimental teaching demonstration center and provincial college student internship training base provide students with various choices to enhance their practical skills.


Our Students can adapt themselves to various tasks because of their outstanding professional skills and charming personality. They have won a good reputation in the press, government agencies, and journalism branch of many institutes and corporations. Student employment rate is more than 90%.